Carla Pires

“AQUI” is this place and it is this time. It is Portugal and the world seen through the eyes – and the senses – of a singer who sings not only matters of today but also matters of yesterday and tomorrow, what is local and universal, what unites us and separates us, what was left to celebrate that it is increasingly necessary to celebrate, to remember and to think.

“AQUI”, is a whole and entire Fado album, also a work that Fado definitely opens to other musical universes that are aesthetically close to it.

“AQUI” sings the city of Lisbon – feminine, free, diverse –  where so many songs meet Fado, like tango or the samba, although out of Fado they marry it, naturally, in the voice of Carla Pires and in the instruments of the musicians.




Rota das Paixões

Carla Pires

Rota das Paixões (Route of Passions) is the 2nd studio album by Carla Pires released in October 2011 by Ocarina Music label. Rota das Paixões (Route of Passions) is the 2nd studio album by Carla Pires released in October 2011 by Ocarina Music label. This album includes 12 original songs, some of it written by Carla Pires, was licensed to Harmonia Mundi/World Village and released in May 2012 with worldwide distribution.

ROUTE OF PASSIONS… a coincident collision between dispersed worlds of poets and musicians of exception that fuse in this magnificent work!





Ilha do Meu Fado

Carla Pires

”Ilha do meu fado” (“Island of my fado”) , the 1st solo album of Carla Pires, was released in 2004 by OCARINA MUSIC label. This CD is a musical journey through fado, with songs from different origins and roots that, somehow or somewhere, changed the scope of fado. Several tracks of this CD were licensed for collections in Portugal, France, England, The Netherlands and Korea.