Press Quotes

 “Also known as a TV actress, she’s a fine, clear-voiced singer, poised, elegant, not theatrically over-emoting, just expressive in telling the song.” Andrew Cronshaw,  FOLKROOTS #408 (Jun 2017)

  “One of fado ’s foremost fadistas (…) The singer clearly knows how to put a story across and there’s no doubting her ability to connect with the listener”. Michael Macaroon, SONGLINES #123(Dec, 2016)

⊗ Carla Pires at the Théâtre des Abbesses

“One moment of springtime in November! This Spring returned, the time of a concert, in this gloomy Saturday of November at the Théâtre des Abbesses. Jean-Luc Gonneau, LUSO JOURNAL (30/11/2016)

⊗ “A voice that hits you in the heart, with an emotion that hits you without understanding the Portuguese language.” Maarten van Heuven, VRIJE- GELUIDEN

CARLA PIRES at Graz Opera (March-April 2015)

“The most pleasing, the most acclaimed contribution of the evening comes with “Fado”, a choreography by Vasco Wellencamp, whose emotional center of this great work, is not so much the dancers but the great singer Carla Pires.” KRONEN ZEITUNG (16 /03/ 2015)

CARLA PIRES at ‘Festa do Avante 2014 (Portugal)

“With her unique and sensual voice, she leads us to “fly high”, until reaching the “roof of the world”. At the end of the concert, Carla Pires got from the audience a standing ovation. Simply scary!” JORNAL AVANTE  (11/09/2014)

CARLA PIRES in Buenos Aires (06/11/2014)

“Charismatic and responsive to the audience, Carla Pires greets and speaks in Castilian (…). Due to her talent and sympathy the public replies with warm applauses after each song. (…)Hope that will be repeated the meeting between the Argentine public and this great artist named Carla Pires that shines for its quality as a singer as well as by her simplicity.” Andrea Lopes, FADO ARGENTINO (Blogspot)

“The singer, the beautiful and exquisitely dressed Carla Pires, puts on a moving performance filling the stage effortlessly, intrinsically woven into the fabric of the stage décor, thereby fulfilling a central and impressive role.” Paul Rooyackers, KUNSTZONE (March 2014)

“However, fado-enthusiasts will have no problems whatsoever basking in the glorious world of drama that Pires manages to recreate.” Marcelle Schots, THEATERKRANT (March 2014)

“Next to a fado singer like Carla Pires, whose voice reaches right down into your bones, it’s all too easy to end up saying too much.” Sander Hiskemuller, TROUW (March 2014)

CARLA PIRES at the Festival ‘Festival Parfums de Musique’, Paris 10/06/2012)

CARLA PIRES: A MOMENT OF GRACE – As soon as the guitars and the voice of Carla Pires take possession of the scene, they also take possession of our souls, and the cool weather is quickly forgotten. After the concert, one can feel the peace in those who have warmed their hearts. “ Jean-Luc Gonneau, LUSO JOURNAL (20/06/2012)

CARLA PIRES at the Festival ‘ Les Joutes Musicales du Printemps’, Correns (FR) (27/05/2012)

“I want to thank you for the wonderful concert you gave.  Carla has achieved the unanimity!” Françoise Dastrevigne, Festival Director

CARLA PIRES at the Festival Côté Cour (Aix-en Provence, 24/07/2011)

 ” One of the best concerts of the Festival! Carla Pires thrils the crowds! Her magnificient voice and her presence on the stage caused a strong impression on a public enthralled by the wonderful voice of the singer, a voice often poignant touching in the bottom of the heart.”  LA MARSEILLAISE (30/07/2011)