Throughout her career, Carla Pires has accomplished to entertain audiences from Europe to Algeria, from Brazil to Japan. Her main highlights performances were in prestigious venues such as the Opera of Ghent (Belgium), Queen Elizabeth Hall-PR(London); Södra Teatern and Kulturhuset (Stockholm), De La Mar Theater and Concertgbow (Amsterdam), Schowburg Roterdamse (Roterdam), Cirque d’Hiver (Paris), Oharu Auditorium (World Exhibition-Japan 2005), Théâtre de Verdure (Algiers), Museu Histórico Nacional (Rio de Janeiro) and Teatro Municipal de Barueri (São Paulo), Coliseo Carlos III (Madrid), Teatro Solís (Montevideo), Studio Samsung (Buenos Aires).Carla began her singing career in 1993; she participated in several musical projects, recorded soundtracks and played roles as an actress for TV series in Portugal. In 1996 won 1st place at the Festival Thessaloniki (Greece), organized by the Societies of Authors in Europe on behalf of Portugal, with the theme "Canção do Vento e da Terra" that was arranged to be included on her last album: “Rota das Paixões”.

In 2002, , the year in which Fado began to take over her main musical aspirations, she recorded with the Quintet Amália, the CD "Fado em Concerto" and from September 2002 to July 2005 played the role of "young Amália" in the biggest musical ever produced in Portugal - Musical "Amalia". Records her first solo album to Ocarina, "Ilha do meu Fado", in 2004. Some tracks of this CD integrated several national and international collections.

This marked the beginning of her solo career.

In 2005 she was invited to represent Portugal at the World Exhibition in Japan performing at the Auditorium of Oharu.

Carla Pires statement as Fado singer happens in 2008, when she held a tour with 10 concerts in France, and also performed in Algeria, Austria and Spain.

International concerts have been constant in her career, highlighted by the opening concert of one of the biggest festivals in Europe (Flanders International Festival,Ghent-Sept18,2010) and the showcase at Babel Med Music, Marseilles (March30,2012), the second largest world music fair in Europe.

Her latest album, “Rota das Paixões” released in 2011 in Portugal was published internationally, by the label World Village/Harmonia Mundi on May 2012.

The year 2014 began with a new experience.At the invitation of the prestigious Portuguese choreographer Vasco Wellenkamp, Carla Pires boards on tour of 42 dates through Holland with the performance Fado, Ritual e Sombras (Fado/Ritual and Shadows), a coproduction with dancers from Portuguese National Contemporary Ballet and the International Danstheater (Amsterdam) about Fado, with live music performed by the singer. This is another milestone in the career of Carla Pires.

Parallel she has presented her solo concert "Rota das Paixões" in France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Angola.

In 2015 [March (14, 18, 25) and April (10, 12, 17, 18, 23, 26)] - Carla Pires performed at Graz Opera in the piece “Malambo” which integrates the contemporary dance project “Fado, Ritual & Shadows”, with a new choreography by Vasco Wellencamp for the Oper Graz Tanzkompanie. Throughout these dates Carla Pires was accompanied by her musicians and by the Grazer Philharmoniche Orchester.


FADO won the Dance Audience Award 2014 (Danspublieksprijs) for best performance in The Netherlands. Carla Pires is the fado singer of this performance.(Feb.2015)

Showcase at Babel Med Music, Marseilles (March 30,2012)

Performance at the World Expo in Japan in representation of Portugal .(May 22, 2005)

1st prize at the Thessaloniki Festival (Greece 1996), organized by the European Societies of Authors on behalf of the Portuguese Society of Autores (SPA) with  the song "Canção do Vento e da Terra".