02 . 10
  • 02 . 10
    FNAC Alfragide
    Jumbo Alfragide


07 . 10
  • 07 . 10
    Espacio Cultural de Caja Canarias
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


14 . 10
  • 14 . 10
    Recreios da Amadora
    Amadora, Portugal


16 . 10
  • 16 . 10
    FNAC Colombo
    Centro Comercial Colombo, Av. Lusíada, 1500-392 Lisboa, Portugal


23 . 10
  • 23 . 10
    FNAC Oeiras
    Oeiras Parque, 219 y yt, 2770 Paço de Arcos, Portugal


26 . 10
  • 26 . 10
    Sala Galileo Galilei
    Calle de Galileo, Madrid, Spain


29 . 10
  • 29 . 10
    FNAC Faro
    Faro, Portugal


  • 29 . 10
    Clube Farense


30 . 10
  • 30 . 10
    FNAC Guia
    Algarve Shopping, Albufeira, Portugal


25 . 11
  • 25 . 11
    Espace Agapit
    79400 Saint-Maixent-l'École, França



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“AQUI”, the new CD of Carla Pires, is an album where the fado definitively opens to other musical universes aesthetically close to it. “AQUI”, sings the city of Lisbon – feminine, free, diverse- where so many songs meet fado, like  tango or the samba, although out of fado, they marry it, naturally, in the voice of Carla Pires and in the instruments of her musicians.

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The French film “L’échappée belle”, whose soundtrack includes the theme “Cavalo à Solta” played by Carla Pires, had the première on June 17. The film tells the story of a friendship between Léon, 11 years old and Eve, 35. “Cavalo à Solta” (Loose horse) created by Ary dos Santos and Fernando Tordo, belongs to the repertoire of Carla Pires and will be part of the next album of the singer to be released in September 2015.

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On April 26th, Carla Pires will make her final appearance (out of nine performances in a row) at the Opera Graz, Austria in contemporary dance show: Malambo. Her part was specially choreographed by Vasco Wellencamp, who designs one of the pieces of this production about Fado, where Carla Pires plays the main voice accompanied by three musicians and the Philharmonic Graz Orchestra. On her way back to her home country, the singer will enter straight in studio to record her … Read More


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Carla Pires is one of the finest Portuguese Fado singers. Throughout her 10-year career, she has accomplished to entertain audiences in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America with more than 320 performances done around the world. Her main highlights performances were in prestigious venues such as Oper Graz (Austria),  Oharu Auditorium (Japan-Expo 05), Queen Elizabeth Hall – PR(London), Vlaamse Opera Gent, Södra Teatern (Stockholm), Concertgbow, De La Mar Theater, Schowburg Roterdamse, Rasa (Netherlands),  Cirque d’Hiver (Paris), Teatro Solís (Montevideo) among many others.

Backed by excellent musicians and their distinctive sound, Carla Pires has a remarkable stage presence and have the power and also talent to thrill any crowd.

Carla Pires is a great singer with a unique voice, which carries the Fado and its special feeling through amazing musical roots.


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